Ragdoll Animator

How To:

Navigate the animation

The program tries to predict your next frame by applying physics automatically to the stickman
Pressing 'Space' adds a frame, and applies motion
If you wish, you can skip the physics and press 'C' to 'C'opy the frame
Press left or right to change frames
'Delete' frames by pressing 'Delete' on your keyboard

Move the stickfigure

Click and drag the circles to move the stickman's joints
Press 'P' while holding a joint to 'P'in it where it is. It will not move unless you unpin it or click and drag it
Right click and drag to select multiple joints. They will move together when you drag one of the selected joints
'P' will pin or unpin everything that is selected

Play the animation

To play your animation, press 'z'
To stop playing the animation, press 'z' once more.

Share animations

To share an animation, press "Save to textarea." The textarea will by highlighted for you.
Press Ctrl and 'c' to copy the text. Paste the text @ http://pastebin.com, then share the link with your friends
To load an animation, copy the data (Ctrl and 'c'), then paste (Ctrl and 'v') it in the textarea. Press "Load from textarea."

Help me

If something isn't right, or if you just want to tell me how much you hate or love this,
Email bluethen@gmail.com
Feedback appreciated